The beautiful Meghalaya in the northeast of India, is gifted by nature. It is ideal for travelers of different kinds-nature lovers as well as explorers. In our wonderful Meghalaya Tour Packages, we aim to bring the best of this ‘land of clouds’. This includes excursions to different regions in the state. Being majorly covered by lush green forests, the state has its star attractions settled amidst natural surroundings. Prominent attractions include the Double Decker living root bridges, the Nohsngithiang Falls, Umiam lake, Murlen National Park, Dawki, Baghmara, Palak Dil, Tam Dil, Dampa Tiger Reserve and Elephant Falls.

Besides the usual attractions, Meghalaya is also a hub of some of the greatest wonders of nature. This constitutes numerous stalactite and Stalagmite caves, which are dotted at various locations of the state. Popular sites that satisfy the hunger of every cave dweller include Mawsmai caves, Krem Dam caves, Krem Mawmluh caves and Krem Soh Shympi caves. Mawlynnong, well-known as the “cleanest village in Asia” is a site worth visiting.

As a part of Meghalaya Holiday Packages, we arrange visits to these caves under the total guidance of experts. Our Meghalaya tour packages also befit the interests of a trekking lover. Under this, tourists are offered with best trekking routes across the lush green forests and rugged terrains of Meghalaya.

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